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The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit home-computer introduced in January 1982 by Commodore International and is the best-selling single computer model of all time, with estimated units sold between 10 and 17 million. The C64 dominated the low-end computer market for most of the 1980s with approximately 10,000 commercial software titles released, including development tools, office productivity applications, and video games. There were several versions over the years, from the original "breadbox " or "bread bin" style through to the later re-styled versions, such as Educator 64 with integrated monitor in 1982, the portable version SX-64 in 1983, the limited gold edition Golden C64 in 1984, the sleeker style C64C in 1986, the low-cost versions C64-Aldi in 1987, C64G and C64C CR in 1988 or the console version C64 Games System in 1990. The Commodore 64 was discontinued when Commodore declared bankruptcy on April 29, 1994, and ceased to exist.

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