The Intellivision is a home console released by Mattel Electronics in 1979 and followed in later years by additional hardware components such as a home computer, a music synthesizer and a voice synthesis module. In 1982 the Intellivision II console was brought to market, much smaller and cheaper to produce, which was also an attempt to lock out unlicensed 3rd party software but late in 1984, nevertheless, due to significant economic losses, Mattel’s electronics division closed and the new company, INTV Corp., purchased the game assets and continued to sell old stock via retail and mail order. When the latter ran out, they introduced the new console dubbed INTV System III, a cosmetic rebadge of the original console, later renamed Super Pro System. INTV Corp. continued to develop new games, releasing a few new titles each year up to the 1991, when the system was discontinued with over 3 million units sold and a total of 125 games released in its lifespan.

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