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in media is the e-commerce trademark of INMEDIA, company operating worldwide since 1993 in the import-export trade and technical-sales representations of Information Technology and Electronics Industry products.

For years we have been globally working with the most reliable manufacturers and distributors of the aforementioned Industries, trading several products by taking care of the different phases of the marketing processes, including storage, distribution and technical-sales assistance.

We are constantly looking for the most demanded products and services in the Industry, taking advantage of the most experienced and passionate professionals, to meet every requirements of different clients we serve.


We are passionate and experienced people in information technology and electronics with more than 25 years' experience, at international level, in technical-sales support to business and consumer, and in inter-company (B2B) and direct-to-customer (B2C) commercial transactions, both related to Electronic Entertainment.

Electronic Entertainment

We trade first and third-party systems new, pre-owned and refurbished, with related accessories and services, providing a wide range of distinctive and innovative solutions for yesterday's and today's technology, aimed at meeting the specific needs of multi-generational users.

Our Vision


Having a strong sales team is essential to the success of any company. Our most important function is making and maintaining a trustful relationship with all customers. This our personal touch is the key to an happy, long-term relationship with all of them.

Sales Department


Efficient technical support is essential to assist customers leads to use any product. Our functions require exceptional communication skills, to explain concepts over the phone, and being problem solvers capable to find creative solutions to any issue.

Technical Department