What does "REFURBISHED" condition mean?

"Refurbished" is a product restored to aesthetic and functional conditions like new.

It can be a product returned by customer who changed his mind about the model or color, or due to an incorrect order or malfunction, or even a product used only for display purposes in shows and exhibitions or in shops. Most of the times it has never been really used.

Asked by: Paolo
Date: 2021-05-04 22:02:55
Salve, questa console funziona anche in Europa?

Certamente, l'unico accorgimento è per quanto riguarda la spina statunitense di cui è dotata e per cui è necessario un adattatore. Facilmente acquistabile ovunque a un prezzo modesto.

What's the difference between a "refurbished" product and a "used" one?

Our refurbished products, usually modern items, differs from used one because restored to aesthetic and functional conditions like new. Products are thoroughly tested for quality and function and, if necessary, parts are replaced or repaired with original ones. Then they are cleaned and, if any, data deleted and software updated to the latest version.

Our used products, mostly discontinued items, despite being carefully cleaned, checked and overhauled to be fully functional, they still preserve their original vintage conditions.