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We constantly strive to offer the best value for money for each of our products. We appreciate the confidence of our customers and we strive to keep our prices as low as possible, despite high costs we must incur to import most of our products, while ensuring high quality standards of our services.

It is good to remember that all imported products, purchased outside the European Union, are subject to customs charges, such as Duty, VAT and customs clearance costs, for an extra amount equal to approximately 25-30% of their value and, more than that, they do not benefit from European guarantee coverage.

By purchasing on, you are not burdened by any customs charges (as long as you reside within the European Union) and you can also benefit from a 2-year legal guarantee, as protection against defective items or items that do not correspond to what is advertised, and the right of withdrawal within 14 days, as the right to abandon the purchase of the product and get its refund or replacement.

You can also always have qualified technical assistance at your disposal for any need and on any product!