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DIIK D2K Arcade Intellivision Cart

DIIK D2K Arcade Intellivision Cart

Remake of Classic Nintendo's popular Donkey Kong for Mattel Electronics Intellivision console, with new characters and additional levels not found in the original Arcade game.

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The follow-up to DK Arcade, which was a stunningly complete rendition of 1981 Nintendo's Donkey Kong, D2K Arcade is nothing less than the best home version of the coin-op classic ever released for any system.

There are two game modes, the first of which is an excellent rendition of Donkey Kong, complete with intro, intermissions, and all four levels of play, the second mode consists instead of five new game screens, each of which incorporates classic components, along with some new elements arranged in decidedly different ways for new challenges and thrills.

D2K Arcade even looks and sounds better than it has never had. From the “How high can you get?” text mantra to DK falling on his head at the end of the Rivets screen, D2K Arcade captures virtually everything that made the original a great, fun, challenging classic.

Another admirable, depth-infusing addition to D2K Arcade is the inclusion of three selectable characters. There’s Mario, of course, but gamers can now play as Toni (Mario’s younger brother) who runs fast, Bruno (Mario’s older brother) who’s a little slow but can climb ladders while holding a hammer.

TWISTED GIRDERS – A new barrels board loaded with surprises! Stay constantly alert because barrels travel both ways and flames rain down from above!
THE MIXER – A relentless cement mixer tops off empty pie plates while full ones twirl down from the sky! Can you master the timing it takes to clear each conveyor?
THE REFINERY – Oil, gas, and an array of safety valves… this level has "DANGER" written all over it. Outsmart Kong by putting out the fires guarding the top towers!
TRIPLE ELEVATORS – Conquer your fear of heights and outsmart merciless fireballs guarding narrow and unforgiving columns. Don't forget the infamous springs!
THE ELMIMINATOR - Only appearing on level 3, this is DK's final attempt to "eliminate" you. Don't be afraid of the blue fire… it won't hurt you – unlike everything else!

•  New graphics and sound effects. Hear DK growl for the first time!
•  Separate high scores for Game 1 and Game 2. Perfect for high-scoring competitions!
•  Enemy A.I. and timing closer to the arcade than ever before. "Control" the barrels, just like in King of the Kong!


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