Atari VCS

Atari VCS

Atari® returns to the living room with the Atari VCS™, a completely modern gaming and video computer system, blending the best of consoles and PCs to delight a whole new generation of gamers and creators.

Featuring USB 3.0, HDMI, WiFi™, Ethernet, and Bluetooth® connectivity, the all new Atari VCS™ delivers unprecedented levels of flexibility and control, transforming how to Interact with own TV, just as the original Atari 2600 did four decades ago. The powerful AMD Ryzen™ processor featuring Radeon™ Graphics Technology can handle it all, including 4K HDR video streaming.

The spirit of the legendary Atari 2600 video computer system is reborn in sleek new high-performance designs for gamers of today, tomorrow and beyond. Rebooted into PC Mode unlocks a powerful multimedia PC for unmatched freedom and versatility it can't be obtained with any other home game system. It is possible to access all-new games, remastered favorites, classic console emulators, streaming multimedia and personal apps, or create and share your own. Load existing PC game libraries via PC Mode and play triple-A and indie favorites too.

Atari’s iconic joystick is reborn as the new Atari VCS Classic Joystick with features like rumble, LED light effects and a 2nd fire button to give retro gaming new life. The all new "Atari VCS Modern Controller" completes the family for full-featured gameplay. Both are Bluetooth® wireless, rechargeable, PC/mobile compatible, and loaded with Atari spirit.

The official launch of the console on the market was on November 27th, 2020, the units at our disposal have already sold out, however you can pre-order the next supply HERE. Pre-orders will remain open until stock runs out and will be processed starting from spring 2021.

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